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InvestInFuture provides Knowledge, Capital & Network.


InvestInFuture aims to contribute to a sustainable and strong growth of companies of young people and/or with products for young people by providing knowledge, capital and by providing access to her network.

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Why InvestInFuture?

As an active shareholder, InvestInFuture is involved in the development and growth of both the entrepreneur and the investee. The partnership with InvestInFuture is focused at creating value for a period of 5 years, during this time the focus will be on sustainable growth of the investee. Next to the commitment by the entrepreneur, value will be created through the contribution of InvestInFuture’s knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and building enterprises. The extensive network of InvestInFuture will be used to further growth by actively connecting the company with relevant partners. Furthermore, InvestInFuture will appoint a skilled consultant with specific product/sector knowledge. All of this with the aim to realise the greatest possible growth for both the company and the entrepreneur.

Corporate Social Responsibility

InvestInFuture is a private investment fund which underscores the importance of social responsible management. This is reflected in the link with initiatives, that have a positive impact on society as a whole.

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